The best tips for choosing an abacus

As you may have noticed, there is a vast selection of abacuses on the market. You are quickly overwhelmed by dozens, even hundreds of offers.

How to choose your abacus

The choice of an abacus is made according to its aesthetic preference but especially according to its personal use. In which case it will be necessary to make some compromises during your purchase.

There are different types of abacus and their use differs depending on the number of stems, the structure and the number of balls. Here are the main types of abacus that you can find:

  • Children’s abacus: often composed of a simple structure of 10 stems with colored balls, to visualize packets of balls and to learn to the addition and the subtraction. It is possible to use it for multiplication, but it does not matter if you use it with your toddler (3-5 years).
  • Chinese abacus (also called Suan Pan): composed of a rectangular structure divided lengthwise by a transverse bar. It includes several vertical rods on which the balls slide. It is perfect for children from 5 years and those who wish to learn the use of the abacus to practice all the basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and even the square roots!).
  • Japanese abacus (also called Soroban): it has the same use as the Chinese abacus. It has 2 rows less than the Chinese abacus to refrain restraints. It is recommended for experienced people looking for quick calculations and mental math training.

Good to know

Generally, after buying an abacus one quickly wonders how to use it. There are probably many resources available on the internet. However, it is advisable to complete this purchase with a book on Chinese abacus.

It is for this reason that the Editions Mathello have developed a method of learning Chinese abacus. This is an educational box consisting of a book and a Chinese abacus.

Our abacus selection

If you have never used an abacus or if you want to buy one for pleasure or to offer: we have selected for you the following items – sponsored links Amazon.