Japanese Abacus (Soroban)

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Yellow Mountain Imports 10.5 Inches Digit Standard Abacus – Professional 17 Column Soroban Calculator.

  • Timeless Professional Reliability: The soroban is an abacus from Japan that is inspired by ancient Chinese suanpan (abacus); It features counting system used before modern numerals that is still practiced by some merchants, traders, and clerks
  • An Ideal Educational Tool: Make math practice more effective; Using an abacus for kids’ math is a great way to teach them how to count, equate and compute mentally
  • Features Modern Conveniences: This 17-digit professional soroban abacus is made from quality ABS plastic and measures 10.5 x 2.5 x 0.75 inches (26.5 x 6 x 1.5 centimeters)


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